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Dedication of the Historic NPHS Sign

September 28, 2019

“This is a special day for North Plainfield High School as we unveil
one of its’ iconic symbols; the sign that welcomed students,
faculty and alumni to the high school throughout the 1950’s,
1960’s and early 70’s. Constructed by the NPHS Industrial Arts
class in the late 50’s, it was one of two identical signs bordering
the Greenbrook Road entrance to the high school, and has a rich
and varied history. In the early 70’s, both signs were lost — either
from the August 1973 flooding, student antics or both.  The
second sign has never been recovered.  However, this particular
sign reappeared in 1990 when it was found in the attic of a local
resident and returned to the high school.  At that time, it was re-
installed at the top of the high school driveway where it remained
for 8 years when it, again, disappeared. Refusing to fade away,
the sign made its return twenty years later in 2018 when two
alumni returned it to Dan Battista, having acquired it at a local
garage sale several years earlier.
Which brings us to today — the North Plainfield High School
Alumni Association, recognizing the importance of school spirit
and continuity, decided to have it restored by one of our Hall of
Fame inductees, Mark Romanoski and placed here above the
Howard Krausche Memorial.
The front of the sign is the pine tree which represented the NPHS
Canucks for almost 15 years. The back of the sign has been
updated to reflect the lumberjack image that replaced the pine
tree in 1975 and continues as the high school’s mascot today.
Special thanks go out to Mark Romanoski,  Dan Battista, Mark Dubyna and Roger Graubard for bringing this project to the finish line.  With that said, we proudly present an integral piece of NPHS history”

Michael Mandaglio, Co-President NPHS Alumni Association