Hall of Fame Nomination Form

Are you interested in nominating a former classmate, a sports team or special group of NPHS graduates to the Hall of Fame?

When are nominations received?
Nominations are received throughout the year. All nominations must be received by December 31 of a calendar year and are considered based on the following*

Nomination Application Received* Nomination Application Reviewed/Voted Class Year of Induction into HOF
By December 31, 2022 August 2023 2024
By December 31, 2023 August 2025 2026
By December 31, 2024 August 2025 2026
By December 31, 2025 August 2027 2028
By December 31, 2026 August 2027 2028

Review the full FAQ here. 

Click on this link for the online application

Applications are due by December 31 for the next eligible inductee class.